HASAN MINHAJ · monogram design & tour merch​​​​​​​
HM monogram & merch graphics for Hasan Minhaj and his new tour The King's Jester.
This one is kind of surreal, from watching his Netflix special 'Homecoming King' and his show 'The Patriot Act' back in 2018 to jumping on a Zoom call to discuss the possibility of working on some ideas for this merch drop. I started exploring my current lettering style a year ago just for fun but ended up being the reason to collaborated with one of the top comedians in the country, life is beautiful if you give yourself the chance to put out new ideas in the universe - or social media - even when they don't feel perfect or finished, eventually everything is gonna make sense.

Thanks so much to @hasanminhaj & @babin for the opportunity, appreciate it _ 

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